God never sleeps!

" Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep." Psalm 121-4

I don't know about you, but when I can't sleep because I am worried and I'm feeling anxious it always seems worse at night. Things that I can rationalize in the daytime, or fears that I know aren't real can overtake me in the middle of the night. I often look at the time and consider what hour would be reasonable to call the person I am worried about to talk with them.

The great thing is, our God never sleeps. He is on call 24/7. He asks us to bring our cares and worries to Him- even in the middle of the night. When I begin to talk to God about what is making me anxious or afraid, it often seems to melt away. Rational thinking comes in to determine if my concerns are real or imagined. If they are real- someone is hurt, or sick, or estranged- I can talk to God about that and ask for His healing and grace.

As I'm writing this, I am. picturing one of both of my children standing beside my bed in the darkness. They didn't have to say a word; just standing there would cause me to wake. Often, they had a bad dream, weren't feeling well, or were worried about something. They knew that they could come to me, even in the middle of the night. Even if I was asleep, something would stir me and I would be ready to comfort them.

God wants us to cry out to Him in the night. He is ready to whisper "Peace, be still. I am here, it is well." Thank you Lord, that you never sleep. You don't have limitations on when I can approach you. You are always here for me, and you don't want me to lay awake and be anxious or afraid. Thank you that you calm me, comfort me, and I can cast my cares upon you.

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