Stop, look, and listen.

"Do not be anxious about anything,

but in everything

by prayer and supplication

with Thanksgiving

let your requests be made known to God

and the Peace of God

which surpasses all understanding

will guard your heart

and your mind

in Christ, Jesus." Phil 4:6-7

God does not want us to be anxious. He does not want us to live in fear. When we are feeling anxious, He wants us to pause, and to reflect on why we are feeling worried or afraid. God wants us to talk to Him. He already knows what we're feeling, we may as well be honest. Tell Him you fears, your worries, your needs. This is prayer-asking the Father for what we need.

Next, take some time to look around. Look at all of your blessings. Think about how many times you've asked God to help you and He did. This is thanksgiving- Thanking God for all the times He has helped you before.

This is the hard part...let it go! If you believe that God is God, and that He is bigger than your problems, and you see that He has never let you down before, then you need to let it go. Trust Him to take your worries and fears from you.

I can tell God how I'm feeling, I can ask Him to help me, I can thank Him that He loves me and cares for me, and to praise Him for always being faithful and true. Then, I let have to let it go. I do not need to know how God plans to handle it. I don't need to see the playbook. I don't need to know His timeline. Now, I look and listen. I look for the miracles that are happening all around me. I listen for His voice, for how He is communicating with me through the world around me.

Just like as a parent, I want my children to talk to me. I already know they are scared or upset, but when they come to me and tell me how they are feeling, it strengthens our relationship. It shows that they trust me. They know that I love them and that I care about their problems. They also know that I may have resources or knowledge that they don't have.

And, I love it when I can help solve the problem, and show up for them! If this is how I love my children, how much greater is God's love for us.

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